Arianna Smaron
Portfolio 2016 - 2018

Polish-Italian graphic designer currently
living and freelancing in Basel CH and collaborating
with Yann Patrick Martins for indipendent projects
and commissions for digital and printed media. 
BA in visual Communication at ISIA Urbino and MA in
Visual Communication at the Basel School of Design

This website collect mainly projects from the last two 
years, older projects will be added to the archive 
in the next future.

The projects are organized by complexity,
The Extra-Large are the projects which 
required few
months of work & /or are 
still in development.
The smaller 
projects are as important but are 
smaller in terms of time production.

X - Extra Large ••••
  1. In the process of liquefaction/
  2. In the process of liquefaction/
    risograph booklet
  3. In the process of liquefaction/
    process book and theory
  4. A Transitory Collection 
  5. Spoglie publication 

L - Large •••
  1. A Prison’s Signage System
  2. Light & Heavy book 
  3. Experimental Exhibition Catalogue 

M - Medium ••
  1. Li Bai poetry a Chinese English Play
  2. Poster “Schrechlick Wunderbar”
  3. Icelandic book “Vinir Ferguson” 

S - Small
  1. FHNW Business illustrations
  2. Pattern&Patterns
  3. ”Der Tunnel” Film poster
  4. Waiting for 11:00

Exhibited projects


XL - 2018 ••••

1. In the process of liquefaction/
video installation

The master thesis project is devided in 3 parts, a video installation, a booklet and an experiments book which collect the various experimentation around metaphors. The 3 parts are organized in 3 different pages inside this website and can be seen one after the other. Project developed during the Master program at FHNW HGK, Basel School of Design 2018.

CH / 2018
Exhibition Books and Video installation adapted in a screen format

CH / 2018
Printed In the Process of Liquefaction books and booklet  

CH / 2018
Video Installation In the Process of Liquefaction  in the original forma 2X2m

Full video installation visible on the page:

In the process of Liquefaction is a master thesis project developed at the FHNW HGK Visual communication department, is an investigation of the depictions and uses of metaphors to help into the understanding of the society we live in and give a new insight through theory and visual practice, in the metaphor of “ Liquid modernity ” by Z. Bauman.This wants to be an investigation by looking at specific authors and qualities of metaphors, like the embodiment property by G. Lakoff and the concept of absolute metaphors by H. Blumenberg. For a clearer vision of possible depictions of society through images and diagrams, we dwell on the analysis of the use of metaphors with the support of models such as the Rhizome system and the Ant Theory, to then focus on the interpretation proposed by Z. Bauman, who sees the postmodern society as “ In the process of liquefaction ”.The meaning of “ Liquid Modernity “ is slowly unfolded and tested on in the visual domain through printed and digital explorations for the proposal of a video installation concept, based on the transformation of the linguistic metaphor into images. The installation is accompanied by a risograph booklet and is visible on the webpage:

01 liquids 
02 liquids
03 liquids

01 vector animations

05 vector animations

06 vector animations

While searching for the final format for the video installation, many other formats were tried. From really small to gigantic>>

The final format is 2x2 meters on one canvas projected.

For the final exhibtion it ws adapted to a smaller screen >>

The installation is integrated with a red booklet >>
Visible more on the next page!