Arianna Smaron
Portfolio 2016 - 2019

Polish-Italian graphic designer currently
living and freelancing in Basel CH and collaborating
with Yann Patrick Martins for indipendent projects
and commissions for digital and printed media. 
BA in visual Communication at ISIA Urbino and MA
in Visual Communication at the Basel School of

This website collect mainly projects from the last
two years, older projects will be added to the archive 
in the next future.

The projects are organized by complexity,
The Extra-Large are the projects which 
few months of work & /or are 
still in development.
The smaller 
projects are as important but are 
smaller in terms of time production.

X - Extra Large ••••
  1. In the process of liquefaction/
  2. In the process of liquefaction/
    risograph booklet
  3. In the process of liquefaction/
    process book and theory
  4. A Transitory Collection 
  5. Spoglie publication 

L - Large •••
  1. A Prison’s Signage System
  2. Light & Heavy book 
  3. STROH GOLD/ Exhibition Catalogue 

M - Medium ••
  1. Li Bai poetry a Chinese English Play
  2. Poster “Schrechlick Wunderbar”
  3. Icelandic book “Vinir Ferguson” 

S - Small
  1. FHNW Business illustrations
  2. Pattern&Patterns
  3. ”Der Tunnel” Film poster
  4. Waiting for 11:00

Exhibited projects


L - 2017 •••

3. STROH GOLD/ Exhibtion Catalogue  

In collaboration with Sunjung Park & Aaron Ritschard. Project realized in November 2017, during the Art Direction Class at FHNW HGK with the Teacher Marion Fink.

CH / 2017
Printed S16x11cm, printed 6 copies with thread binding
and silver silkprinted cover

The curator of the Museum of Cultures in Basel proposed to experiment on a fictionary catalog for the temporary exhibition “STROH GOLD”. We decided to play with found image materials mixed together with the exhibition's images. We took inspiration from Aby Warburg tables of images to create a new scenario of the exhibition: an expanded collection of up-cycled objects.

Aaron Ritschard, artist and designer from Basel created a series of illustration to narrate particular stories related to objects and cultures which are combined with text is written in the Larish Neue font by Radinpesko.