M - 2016 

3.Vinir Fergson a journey by two friends around Iceland with red tractors 


IS / 2016
Publication Vinir Ferguson 18x25cm, 150 pag.

Book design and concept realized at the Atli Hilmarsson’s studio, in Reykjavik Iceland. The book was commisioned by two icelandic friends who decided to make the island’s round trip with tractors as a campain for school’s sensibilization in bullism. The book contains images, data-informations and pictures which document the journey. The book was made in collaboration with Atli Hilmarsson and Hrefna Lind and it is in icelandic language.

Here is visible the book in one of the Icelandic bookstores in Reykjavik >>


This is Arianna’s portfolio and visual archive! I am a Polish Italian designer and visual researcher with 3 lifes and personalities: Coordinator of the education department of La Scuola Open Source, Senior Designer for Studio Fionda & part of the swiss italian virtual studio hypersecret.studio.

This website collect mainly projects from
the last 5 years (Attention! the last 2 year’s projects are missing, not yet in the website), and I consider it as an archive, a collection and a reminder of my own visual path. 

The projects are organized by complexity,
the Extra – Large are the projects which
required few months of work &/ or are still
in development.
The smaller projects are as important
but are smaller in terms of production.

This website is not totally user friendly but I hope you will might find something interesting for you.

X - Extra Large
  1. In the process of liquefaction/
    video installation
  2. In the process of liquefaction/
    risograph booklet
  3. In the process of liquefaction/
    process book and theory
  4. A Transitory Collection 
  5. Spoglie publication 

L - Large
  1. A Prison’s Signage System
  2. Light & Heavy book 
  3. STROH GOLD/ Exhibition Catalogue 
  4. Not in my Planet Campain

M - Medium 
  1. Li Bai poetry a Chinese English Play
  2. Poster “Schrechlick Wunderbar”
  3. Icelandic book “Vinir Ferguson” 
  4. Teatro.off

S - Small
  1. FHNW Business illustrations
  2. Pattern&Patterns
  3. ”Der Tunnel” Film poster
  4. Waiting for 11:00
  5. Manta