Arianna Smaron
Portfolio 2016 - 2020

Polish-Italian graphic designer currently
living and freelancing in Basel BA in visual
Communication at ISIA Urbino
MA in Visual Communication at the Basel
School of Design HGK FHNW CH

Co-founder of
with Yann Patrick Martins for indipendent
projects and commissions for digital
and printed media. 

As well as visual Design Researcher
& Coordinator of the education department  
for La Scuola Open Source in Bari, IT.
From march 2020 senior designer for studio in Torino IT & art director
consultant for Kinè.coop studio.

This website collect mainly projects from
the last two years, considered as an archive. 

The projects are organized by complexity,
the Extra – Large are the projects which
required few months of work &/ or are still
in development.
The smaller projects are as important
but are smaller in terms of production.

X - Extra Large
  1. In the process of liquefaction/
    video installation
  2. In the process of liquefaction/
    risograph booklet
  3. In the process of liquefaction/
    process book and theory
  4. A Transitory Collection 
  5. Spoglie publication 

L - Large
  1. A Prison’s Signage System
  2. Light & Heavy book 
  3. STROH GOLD/ Exhibition Catalogue 
  4. Not in my Planet Campain

M - Medium 
  1. Li Bai poetry a Chinese English Play
  2. Poster “Schrechlick Wunderbar”
  3. Icelandic book “Vinir Ferguson” 

S - Small
  1. FHNW Business illustrations
  2. Pattern&Patterns
  3. ”Der Tunnel” Film poster
  4. Waiting for 11:00
  5. Manta


S/L - 2018 •/•••

Indipendent research projects

!This page is still under construction!
Here will be uploaded from time to time with new experiments in silkprint or handmade/ digital visual productions.

1. Black Box poster concept

Poster experiments in collaboration with Yann Patrick Martins with 3D shapes about the topic of Black Box and Artificial Intelligence.
How can be visually shown the concept of black box? What is the hidden part in between of the process of input-output production? 
A question which we are still trying to experiment with through the medium of static or (soon) moving images.

CH / 2018
Printed A2 Printed version of the poster

2. Graveyard Typeface  

Development of a Typeface inspired by a graveyard inscription found in the Cemetery of Basel (Dreispitz) 
The Typeface, is an on going project in development during the class of Type-design at SFG by Matthias Pauwels. 

CH / 2018
Picture The Original Graveyard as an inspiration of the Typeface

The interesting aspect of the typeface are the high junctions visible especially in the letters E, R and G. 
The font keeps the characteristics of the orginal inscription such as the iregular terminations as well as the constant change of high of part of the metnioned letters in a range of variable glyphs.

CH / 2018
Screenshot Some Glyphs still on the process of making

3. Silkprint whale collection    

In a series of Silkprints it is questioned the medium as expression of the figurative representation of an image.
The color and the movement of the tools

CH / 2017
Technique Silkprint on paper and metal

! New experiments coming soon !