XL - 2017

2. Transitory Collection


CH / 2017
Archive Minerals

The starting point is a personal collection of 350 minerals, collected from when I was 7 until I was 23 years old. The rocks, dif ferently from the one visible in a scientific museum are not archived by only scientific-based characteristics like size, crystal composition or geographical background. Every piece of rock is connected to a memory, from 1 to 4 in which 1 is the strongest connection to the collection given to me by my grandfather to rocks which are only empty beauties. Through the act of unfolding the poster, first is seen the feature of the rocks and the specific memory of each rock is hidden. The memories are shown by the use of old pictures, by the creation of illustrations, of stories and of unexpected compositions accompanied by little questions at the bottom of the page. It is a transitory collection because the process of creation of rocks requires a period of time which is more than the full life cycle of a human, and also by being in this moment the collection and the memories attached to the rocks are temporary and volatile.

The archive catalogue is composed by 17 posters double-face, 4 A0 poster of the full collections of minerals and the original forms compiled by hand conteining the informations about the rocks and it’s memories.

The front is always a rock and it’s details..

The inside/back is always a different poster story reflecting the relationship of the rock with the owner.
In this case, the blue-transparent rock was a gift from my brother, and the poster is a narration of an imaginary trip.

The posters were developed from a first archive colleciton of images, texts, descriptions of situations, places, narrations around every rock. More than 60 forms were made and from that only 17 posters-bokklets were created as a final selection.


This is Arianna’s portfolio and visual archive! I am a Polish Italian designer and visual researcher with 3 lifes and personalities: Coordinator of the education department of La Scuola Open Source, Senior Designer for Studio Fionda & part of the swiss italian virtual studio hypersecret.studio.

This website collect mainly projects from
the last 5 years (Attention! the last 2 year’s projects are missing, not yet in the website), and I consider it as an archive, a collection and a reminder of my own visual path. 

The projects are organized by complexity,
the Extra – Large are the projects which
required few months of work &/ or are still
in development.
The smaller projects are as important
but are smaller in terms of production.

This website is not totally user friendly but I hope you will might find something interesting for you.

X - Extra Large
  1. In the process of liquefaction/
    video installation
  2. In the process of liquefaction/
    risograph booklet
  3. In the process of liquefaction/
    process book and theory
  4. A Transitory Collection 
  5. Spoglie publication 

L - Large
  1. A Prison’s Signage System
  2. Light & Heavy book 
  3. STROH GOLD/ Exhibition Catalogue 
  4. Not in my Planet Campain

M - Medium 
  1. Li Bai poetry a Chinese English Play
  2. Poster “Schrechlick Wunderbar”
  3. Icelandic book “Vinir Ferguson” 
  4. Teatro.off

S - Small
  1. FHNW Business illustrations
  2. Pattern&Patterns
  3. ”Der Tunnel” Film poster
  4. Waiting for 11:00
  5. Manta